Hello All,


Over the past five years, I have had the incredible privilege to serve at Burchfield Ministries International. These past five years have been a faith-filled adventure. I have witnessed God do so much in the lives of thousands during this short time. It has been a remarkable privilege to lead teams, build systems, develop processes and procedures, form strategic partnerships, and minister to thousands through BMI's many outreaches.

In August 2019, I completed my assignment with BMI. I was blessed by my amazing Pastors to follow where God is directing me to in this next chapter of life. I am grateful for the love, leadership, and opportunities Pastors Tommy and Rachel Burchfield gave me. As a young teenager with a desire to be in ministry, they allowed me to join their team and to learn from a world stage. Their impact on my life is immeasurable. I'm forever thankful.

So what's next? The big news of what's next is, I Continue. I continue with extended borders. I will continue to reach people as I Declare the Gospel and Demonstrate the miracle power of God to this generation and the next. I will continue to Develop leaders and teams to reach cities and nations through their sphere of influence. I will fulfill the Great Commission while establishing avenues for others to do the same through intentional Discipleship. I am excited about saying "Yes" to whatever Jesus assigns me to complete.

As the sun sets on my season at Burchfield Ministries International, I am hopeful and thankful for what's on the horizon. There are sunrises to come. To all of the BMI full-time staff, summer staff, guests, and vendors alike; Thank You. Thank you for an incredible five years. I am who I am because of your role in my life.

Seasons may change, but callings, mandates, and assignments only grow stronger. I’m not just thankful for what God has done but I’m expectant for what God will continue to do. Through me, through you, and through us. 

I'm grateful for the more and I’m excited for the next.

See you soon,